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    Two keyboard letters 'A' and 'C' are not working in my laptop

    Some of the keys on your keyboard not working and wondering if there is any alternative or repair possible of just the damaged keys? Know from our experts the answer to this.

    I have got an old laptop (make - Toshiba). It was in good condition but lately two letter keys namely 'A' and 'C' on the keyboard are not working. There is no response to them while I am typing something on the screen using them. Is there any other combination of keys using CNTR or SHIFT or Functions by which I can generate these letters. Can someone tell me whether these letters on the keyboard are individually repairable or we have to get the whole keyboard replaced. As the laptop otherwise is in a good condition, I cannot think to dispose off it.
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  • I have been in the same situation both with external keyboards and laptop keyboards. Sadly, the only viable option is the replacement of the keyboard. You can temporarily use the virtual keyboard but it reduces your typing speed so it is not actually a solution but a temporary fix.

    What you can also do is use an external keyboard which will cost you much less than the replacement of the original keyboard. Laptop keyboard replacement is not a big task. You can order the spare online and see a few videos of laptop keyboard replacement yourself to do it at home. It will save you money and will be great learning.

  • Ankit, thanks for your valuable information regarding the above keyboard issue.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Keyboard and mouse are unlikely to be repaired in most of the cases. Though a temporary repair could including cleaning the under part of the keys by removing them in case if you are using an external keyboard device as the keys are eject-able on them.

    However, there is no other shortcut to create letters "A or C" using any CTRL or Shift key. The best solution for you could be using a new external keyboard device.


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