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    Genuine sites in internet for earning

    Earning online as a freelancer is fraught with the risk of fraud. So how do you figure out the genuine websites where you can use your talent and a decent amount of money.

    When we surf in internet then we find thousands of advertisements inviting us to earn from surveys or writing or projects or micro jobs or reviews or referring or affiliate selling and so many other things. Many times we are tempted to visit them but find nothing of that sort and it finally turns as waste of our time. Can you suggest some genuine sites for earning where you have your own experience of doing it?
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  • This question is as old as it gets. You already know about the Spider Network sites including Techulator and ISC which offer real money for writing content. You won't get any other websites which pay you money to write content.

    What you will get are sites which host freelancers where you sell your expertise to complete a project and earn in return for that. You can also become a part-time blogger for a website which they may pay you good money for each article you write.

    You can also start blogging itself but nowadays advertising income through Advertisers is almost negligible. Basically, earning money online is not that easy nowadays and requires full-time dedication or a very long term presence online to be able to actually earn something respectable.

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    While surfing through the net I came across many sites claiming that one can earn money there but when I went in their details then I found that it was not so or not so simple a proposition. This prompted to me to put a query here and thanks for your precise answer.

    Knowledge is power.

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