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  • Which laptop would you prefer for travel and home use?

    Know from our members which what type of laptop and from which brand they prefer to use when buying a light weight travel laptop and when using it at home.

    Nowadays various models of laptops are available in the market in different price ranges. For those executives and software engineers who have to travel much in connection with work a light or even ultra thin laptop is preferred. For those who are using it in house the weight factor does not matter much. Assuming that you do not have to travel for work then which laptop you would prefer - the normal one or the low weight thin model? Please give the reasons why you prefer the particular type.
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  • This answer is best answered by those who have been given an official laptop and also hold a home laptop at their homes. I have a Macbook Pro from my office which weighs less than a kilogram, doesn't lag and comes with a very good battery backup. My office is quite far from my home and before the lockdown, I used to travel 2 hours one side to reach my office from home and vice versa. So it becomes very important to have a laptop with as less weight as possible but still be perfect for a software developer like me. So yes, you need an ultra-thin laptop for your work so that it is comfortably carried while gives high performance.

    For the home, on the other hand, weight is not that big an issue since I don't have to carry my laptop for long distance but I do need performance since I do like to do gaming in my free time and also since I do blogging, I need a laptop where I can install software and try them out without worrying about any lag. So I bought my Lenovo Ideapad 330 almost a year and half back. It weighs nearly 2 kgs but gives me no reason to complain about anything else. It has great performance and has Windows 10 original installed on it which means with I am equipped with both Mac and Windows laptops which makes my life easy as a blogger.

  • Ankit, you have well explained the issue and resolved my query. Thanks.

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  • To answer this question you need to consider few key points which may affect your experience of having a laptop for travel and home use:

    1. Good battery backup: Battery is one of the most considered part when you want to have a laptop specially for travelling purpose. As you may or may not have a charging socket while travelling as when going to your colleges or work place from a long distance in a local bus. So you will need to opt for laptop which has very good battery life.

    2. Thin and weighs less: Second point to consider in your case is its thickness and weight. The laptop should be thin so that it could be easily placed in your travel bags and also the laptop should weigh less so that it would not be hard for you to carry your laptop to different places.

    Some of the best laptops which suits best for your conditions are listed below:

    1. Dell XPS 13
    2. Apple Macbook Air
    3. Acer Spin 3
    4. Lenovo Yoga C940
    5. Microsoft Surface Pro 7


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