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  • How to edit loan application in Vidyalakshmi portal?

    Want to edit your application for educational loan with Vidya Lakshmi Portal? Know from our experts how to do that in a few simple steps.

    Vidya Lakshmi Portal provides you single point access to information to educational loans offered by banks and other institutions. Can someone tell me How to edit loan application in Vidyalakshmi portal? It would be very helpful.
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  • Vidyalakshi portal is a great source of applying for education loan required for higher studies. You get the benefit of paying it in instalments which starts with one year gap after when you complete your higher studies. This time period is given so that the person can get a job to pay the instalments and any burden is not laid on his/her shoulder during studies.

    I request you to specify which part of the loan application you would like to edit. As once you filled the loan application form on Vidyalakshi portal you may not be able to edit some areas of your loan applications which includes: your personal details, Bank details and Bank branch details. So make sure to fill the loan application carefully in future. If you want to edit your loan application form in these specified areas then you will not be able to do that. It is better to request the bank in which you filled the loan application to cancel your loan application since you don't get an option of cancelling it online on the Vidyalakshi portal.


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