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    Best Android mobile App for speech to text conversion

    Know from our experts the best speech to text conversion Android apps. Know which apps support conversion of vernacular languages to English text and what extra features they offer.

    I am looking for a good Android mobile App for speech to text conversion. My basic need is to convert Indian English to text in the mobile phone environment. If it can also convert from Hindi speech to text then it would be an added advantage. Anyway's, Hindi part is not essential. Experts are requested to suggest some good App/ Apps for this speech to text conversion. Please give the details of some of the main features of the App/ Apps.
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  • There are many well known Android applications that support conversion of speech to text. Most of them come with ads in them but you can buy pay for the service if you don't want to see the ads.

    1. Speechnotes - Speech to text
    Link -
    This app supports multiple languages like English (US, UK, Indian), Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu and many other Indian and foreign languages. It is great for taking notes. It supports the native share feature which you can use to export the note to any email services. messaging applications or clipboard. You can even save the note in the app itself. You can even export the note to a PDF file (premium feature). Unlike many other applications, this app keeps on waiting for you while taking notes. This means you can take break between sentences to gather your thoughts and continue your note from where you left off.

    2. Voice Notes - quick recording of ideas
    Link -
    This app is a complete reverse of Speechnotes. Whereas Speechnotes is made for converting long notes from voice to text, Voice Notes is designed to take quick short notes. It also supports multiple languages which you can access from the Settings menu of this app. In addition to taking notes, it has an integrated reminder feature. What you can do is record a note like "Bug 1 litre milk" and set a reminder for it at 7 a.m. in the morning.

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