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  • How do we put Google form or quiz in a blog post?

    Do you want to insert a Form inside your blog post through which you can aks users to fill in a survey and make the post more interactive? Know from our experts which free or paid tools allow this.

    Academic quiz and academic posts some times require the use of Google form or Google quiz. How do I put such Google products in blog posts? How can I use its link in my blog post? Is posting a Google quiz prepared in Google Docs free or requires third party paid products?
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  • I hope you might be aware as how to create a Google form or Google quiz. If it is done then there would be an 'Embed' button on the top menu for embedding it in blog and a 'Send' button below for sending it to email.

    If you choose Embed button then the dialogue box would open where you have to paste the address of the site (your blog) and select the pixel sizes for drawing it finally to your blog page.

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