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  • How to create a video using a PDF file

    Want to create a video of your PDF file content? Know from our experts the tools you can use to create a video using the PDF content with slow scrolling.

    Need any app or process to make a video out of a PDF file. I run a blog where users can read/download ebooks, novels and magazines. So using the files I wanted to run a channel on Youtube as well. So I need help to make videos using these pdf files.
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  • When you create a video there are provisions to link pdf files to it. A pdf file is having an adjustment for scrolling which one can find on the top menu and can adjust the speed of scolling accordingly. If this setting is saved whenever we open the pdf file it would scroll in that fashion. Now the speed of scrolling is to be adjusted as per the video running speed and two of these can be synchronised with settings.

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  • It might not be a good idea to do this if you don't own that content in those PDFs. I am assuming you are using copyrighted work of other authors for which you can be served a copyright notice. On the minimum, you can get a violation notice on YouTube and in the worse case, you might also get a court case for copyright infringement.

    Still, to answer your question, you will find many tools that can do this online. You don't need to install any application, just upload the PDF file, select the presets for your video and hit the Convert button. Your video will be ready for download in a few seconds.

    One website that I could find that does this is -

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