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    Jupiter engine switches off automatically even in Neutral

    Is your scooter or bike engine shutting off if you don't give it a race and only by opening the choke you are able to keep the engine running? Know from our experts how you can solve this problem or where the problem lies.

    I own TVS Jupiter, its engine switches off even if I keep it in neutral or don't give it race while driving within 10 to 15 seconds.

    What do you think is the problem?

    If I keep the scooter chock open then only its never get off and vice versa

    Please give a solution.
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  • In any scooter or bike the engine is mostly internal combustion engine. For running of engine properly the proper mixing and supply of air and fuel should take place. When we put the accelerator in minimum position then also a little amount of fuel and air should be able to pass through the carburettor or the mixing device so that the engine does not stall in that neutral minimum acceleration position. Whether you have a direct pull slide carburettor or constant velocity vacuum-controlled carburettor the throttle of the vehicle controls air and fuel.

    The most probable reason for stalling of the engine could be the improper shutting at the minimum throttle position. Even at that position some air should be able to pass and if that small aperture or opening is closed it is very likely that engine would stop. So the adjustment as well as cleaning of those parts would be required and in extreme cases the replacement of the parts in bleed path or crack aperture would also be required. It technical terms then mechanic would suggest setting of carburettor and cleaning of bleed valve.

    Have you got the manual of the bike? It could also give some hints about that. A good mechanic would definitely be able to rectify this condition. If you have some experience of adjusting the carburettor air and fuel settings you can also try your hand at it. I will anyway suggest to go for a maintenance and servicing of the vehicle before trying all those options.

    Knowledge is power.

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