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    How to make inbuilt apps YouTube and Netflix to start working again

    Know from our experts how you can fix the problem of YouTube no longer supported on your Sony Bravia television. See if it is possible to fix this problem and get YouTube and Netflix working again on your television.

    I have a Sony Bravia KDL52 LED TV. When I purchased it. The TV had in built apps like
    YouTube and Facebook. I recently learned that YouTube has withdrawn support to certain models of Sony Bravia TVs. How can I upgrade the software, if possible, to start using YouTube and Netflix on my TV again?
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  • Most of such TV based softwares are updated only if your TV is connected to Wifi. What you can do is either use the phone as a Wifi hotspot and connect your TV to the network. Another option is to use the JIOFI box for connecting the TV to Wifi. And as usual, if you have broadband Wifi then that can be used for network too.

    You have to make sure that you have enough bandwidth for their upgrade though because often such upgrades go above 1GB or so in size. So make sure you have enough data in your Wifi or the hotspot plan.

  • Updating the softwares in your TV would require data connection either through the mobile hot spot and tethering option or through a standard wi-fi connection in the house or a router. Another thing is whether the update support is available in the internet sites for these old softwares is also to be checked. This is a common practice nowadays not to support update for the old softwares. For example we are experiencing this problem in Apple's support for the old MacBooks.

    In case you get an update support then you can try to update it through the available wi-fi route. As the existing software is old it would be taking a big space and accordingly the update would take time in completing and many times we experience hanging or stuck in between and then we have to start afresh and a lot of data is wasted in that process.

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