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  • How can I Optimize my YouTube videos and channel properly?

    Planning to start a YouTube channel and want to know how best to optimize your videos and channels to get the most number of subscribers and views for your videos? Know the answer to this from our experts right here.

    I have an YouTube channel that I want to develop and upload videos from next year i.e. January 2020. I wanted some guidelines on how I can optimize my content as well as the channel itself. I even wanted some guidelines on how can I grow my YouTube channel's Popularity.

    Thanks in Advance
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  • Running a successful YouTube channel requires a high level of commitment. Most of the successful YouTube bloggers usually do that as a full-time profession. They have a professional team comprising of professional cameramen, video editors and make-up artists.

    You haven't shared on what niche or topic you plan to do YouTube blogging. Depending on the niche, the suggestions will vary.

    A few common suggestions I can share are:
    1. If you notice professional YouTubers, they are quick in the dialogue delivery. The talk rapidly and try to fit as much content as possible in a short time. A long drawn speech with bore your viewer and they might watch that video, but they won't come back to your channel.

    2. I am guessing you are not going all-out professional and hiring a team, so the best bet would be to blog on something you are passionate about. That will make sure that you are motivated and authentic in your content delivery.

    3. Have patience! It takes many videos and attempts to find the right thing that clicks with your viewers. If you are going to do something like a tutorial, you must be thorough with your content to make sure that your alternatives are low quality and few. But if you are planning to go into a niche with a already high competition, I would recommend taking professional help in form of training and help.

    I have myself made YouTube videos and have seen some poor quality videos getting high hits but high-quality videos getting nothing at all. So, YouTube blogging is just like content writing, you have to make sure to keep both the visitors happy as well as YouTube and Google search engine happy.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for above suggestions.
    My niche would be Science and Technology.

    And please let me know if there are any free tools for optimising videos for SEO.

  • Your channel is niche is Science and Tech. So your work here is to find out your competitors and do better than them. You can follow some of these suggestions.

    1. Have a good attention-grabbing thumbnail.
    2. Longer videos if possible as your niche demands it. Anything over minutes 5 min is ideal.
    3. Make sure your thumbnails explain the content inside.
    4. Make sure you sort the videos with Playlist.
    5. Make sure to have a channel banner and logo which people can remember.
    6. Promote your videos in forums and blogs.

    These are some of the things you should do. You should also check out your competitor videos. Take a look at the TED X Animated explainer videos. Also, there is kurstigez or something like that named polish science channel which does videos in English in explainer animation. More you learn from competition and add content that better serves people will tell you how to improve.

  • You can also take a look at guidelines Google has given for getting the best SEO on YouTube. We recently published an article on this topic - How to optimize 4k videos for upload to your YouTube channel

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