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    Unknown Trends in Software Development

    Feeling left out from the daily advancements of the Software Development world? Get your fill of the latest updates in software development and may be find something to interest you?

    I have recently started working as a Software Developer freelancer, but I am facing challenges sometimes while meeting the requirements. I wanted to know what are the updates and trends in the field of Software Development that I should be aware of being a Software Developer
    Any kind of suggestions and tips would be helpful.
    Thank you
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    Nowadays, Software Development Technology is on the high peak. In the technology industry, everything goes so quick that you can feel deserted Software development is shifting from software coding to application development with the help of technologies like Low-code Development Platforms.The domain of software development is really versatile and is coming up with trends and changes almost everyday. Here I am mentioning some Software Development Trends that can help you to make yourself a better man In the career you are-

    1. Blockchain-
    The Blockchain is a technology based on the virtual digitized decentralized network with "blocks" of information. When you add any information in the network, you add it in all computers in the network.

    2. Artificial Intelligence-
    Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with making the computer system capable of achieving tasks the human are not capable or feel risky to do so and Robotics is also a major field related to AI.

    3. Internet of Things-
    The internet of things is a rapidly growing technology which aims connect all devices to the existing Internet infrastructure.
    At present only Mobiles, Computers, Tablets and Smart TV is connected with internet. By using IoT all the devices (Eg:- tea maker, A.C, Washing Machine,Ceiling Fan, lights almost any thing you think of) having sensors can be connected with internet and can be used easily.

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