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    Connecting laptop to TV for watching videos

    Know from our experts how to make sure that only the TV screen shows your videos when you have connected your computer to your television with a HDMI cable.

    I have an 10 years old laptop with Windows configuration. I have also a new 15 inch monitor cum TV and I can connect the laptop with it using HDMI cable.

    When I connect them then the video runs on both the screen. Normally only the TV screen should show it. But it is now showing on both of them. Can anyone suggest how to rectify it?
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    Smart TVs come with the latest VGA and HDMI communications ports. If you see the same screen via HDMI cable on your laptop and TV, then you need to change the display settings in your laptop and disable the duplicate screen option and only choose the projector display option.

    To open the display settings for the 2nd display in your laptop, press Fn + F4 and select the appropriate option.

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