Megapixel in smartphones' camera

Day by day new smartphones are being released in the market with greater camera megapixel strengths. How far will this go, how is the camera performance of these phones and it is the same quality for both video and images? Know all this and more from our experts.

Smartphones are releasing with higher megapixel these days. Once 0.3MP to 2MP and 5MP sensor camera cell phones were famous and then slowly moved to 8MP and 13 megapixel camera sensors in most of the mobile phones. After few months and year, the megapixel of the camera have increased even further 20MP, 36MP and 48MP etc.

The latest one is, 64MP and 108MP sensor camera smartphones' being released by the reputed brands. I would like to know the technical in-depth about the sensors, capture and quality of images etc. in these smartphones. How they work compared to lower pixel cameras?. Do they give the same quality results (in the photo or video)? or the latest or new lens itself is for that purpose? Experts please clarify on this. Any additional info on this will be appreciated.