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  • Best Video Making and Editing software

    Know from our experts the details of the best video editing and making software. Read the features and capabilities of the free and paid video recording and editing tools and know which one to select.

    Please suggest some open source free video making and editing software for windows 10. Rank them by their features and why do you think they are best. Features should include; supporting all video format (mp4, m4a, m4v, f4v, f4a, m4b, m4r, f4b, mov, ogg, oga, ogv, ogx, wmv, wma, asf* etc), and 3D animation would be a plus point.
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  • While most of the good video editors are paid, there do exist a few free video editors that get the task done for free. I won't go into specific media types because nowadays most video editors support all types and even if they don't you can make use of one of the freely available video converters.

    One of the best free video editors is Hitfilm Express, it is freely available and made the world of video editing, including 3D video editing open for everyone. It is available for both Mac and Windows, comes with free tutorials to help you get started, allows for editing of an unlimited number of tracks and doesn't put any watermark on the finished work, hence making it one of the best options out there.

    Blender is another free video editing tool available for video editing. In fact, this is open-source software and is used by a wide community of professionals which makes sure you get support if you have any questions regarding the use of the software. It supports 3D editing and comes with advanced editing features like video masking. It also has Audio mixing, syncing, scrubbing, and waveform visualization. It is available for Mac, Windows as well for Linux. Blender has a host of features available which makes it is a little daunting to start with for beginners but there are tutorials available for learning this and with a bit of patience, this can be the best tool you can opt for.

    Shotcut is another free open source project which you can use for video editing. Thanks to FFmpeg, it supports hundreds of audio and video codecs. It has Screen, webcam and audio capture features as well which means you can use this for video creation as well as for video editing. This makes it an ideal tool for end-to-end video production.

    If you are looking for very basic video editing features, VLC media player can be helpful too. It allows you to crop, trim and resize videos. What's more, you can convert the end video to your prefered format by using this too.

  • There are many such softwares available free in the net. Some of these are -

    1. iMovie - This is from Apple company primarily for OS and iOS.

    2. Adobe Premiere Clip - This is for both Android and OS. It is quite flexible and offers editing in two modes automatic and freeform.

    3. Filmora - This is a good software for beginners as well as professionals. It is also applicable for Android as well as OS.

    4. Blender - It is a versatile software for making 3D animation movies as well as video editing.

    5. WeVideo - This is a online video editing solution and one can do all the editing things in the cloud.

    6. OpenShot - This is another popular app which has all the required functions for effective editing.

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