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    How to speed up the Windows 7 Start-up speed of my laptop?

    Are you looking for tips to increase start up speed of Windows 7 operating system of your computer? Learn here from experts views.

    Dear experts,

    I have recently bought HP Envy 6 ultrabook and I loaded it with a lot of apps and by this the start up speed of my laptop decreased to a large extent. I then uninstalled almost every app from my laptop but the speed is still slow as it is not loading as quickly as it was before.
    So, please give me the proper suggestions and guidelines to speed up its start-up speed of my laptop without being formatted.
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  • Defragmentation is the best way to speed up your PC.
    It is better to avoid more than one software for same task. You should not install all the softwares in the partition where system files were installed. Also Uninstall all unwanted programs.

  • Here are some better and key hints for how to speed up your laptop loaded with Windows 7.
    1. For your laptop and Windows 7, a number of services can be disabled or modified to run (just when needed, depending on you). So try to disable unnecessary services.
    2. Search for 'MSconfig' (type it in search panel) and from that, click on Startup tab where from you can disable many unnecessary items. So, reduce the number of startup items.
    3. I suggest you to remove the bloatware installed by vendors. All you have to do is go to Start | Control Panel | Programs and Features and then simply I tell you, "remove the whole software which you no longer are planning to use". All leading to better and faster performance (overall).

    Well friend, there are many more tips and handy hints regarding this matter like
    4. Keep viruses and spyware off your PC/laptop.
    5. Ensure that all of your power settings favor performance.
    6. Try to keep your system defragmented.
    7. Mainly, disable or tune search indexing.
    8. Use minimum visual effects for your system.
    9. Install only essential software.
    10. Always note to run a trusted Anti-Virus program like QuickHeal, Avast or Norton.

  • @ Syed Musaddiq Nabi Andrabi: First of all check whether your system has been attacked by some potential threats or not. If it is not then follow the given steps to speed up the Windows 7 Start-up:
    1. Open Task manager and then go to processes, check unnecessary opened services and close that service. Note: Before closing any service first check its description and do not close any "system 32" related service.
    2. Now go to search and type "run".
    3. In Run type "msconfig". This will open up a dialog box, there go to "start up services" and then disable all the programs except your antivirus.
    4. Restart your laptop and see the start up speed now. I am sure this would help you to a great extent.
    5. For more optimal speed, again go to run and type "temp". This will open up a window showing several unnecessary files. Delete them all.
    6. Similarly type "%temp%" and delete all the unnecessary files.
    Optional step: Go to start and type ".eml". If you see any readme or similar files then it is recommended to delete them all because it is "runouce" virus.

  • First of all I want to tell you that there is no need to format your laptop. Your laptop's speed has been slowed down because you installed many applications and for each application there are temporary files created in the "C" drive of your laptop. There are some processes which are automatically started when laptop starts. You just go to task manager by pressing (alt+ctrl+delete) buttons simultaneously. There you go to processes tab and stop those processes which are of no use and which are running for some application which you have uninstalled. There are some processes which run even after the uninstall of application. After that go to search bar and type "%temp%", then there will be a folder of name temp having temporary file which are of no use. You just press "ctrl+A" to select all file and then delete all the files. It will show that some of the file are in use and cannot be deleted. You just press skip or ignore.
    Make sure you have a antivirus software in you laptop. If you do not have then install Microsoft Security Essential and start the scan. It will check for all the infected files and delete or repair them. You can also download tuneup utilities software for better performance of your computer.
    There is one another option to increase the speed of the laptop. Use disk fragmentation option to increase the speed.
    Hope my suggestions help you.

  • Hi Syed,
    1. Disk Cleanup is the best way to cleanup all unwanted files and temporary files to speed up your PC.
    2. Clean browsing history often to speed up your system.
    3. Dont keep deleted files in Recycle Bin.
    4. Uninstall the softwares which you were not using in the system.
    5. Dont install more games in the system. That will slow down your system completely.

    By following all these steps you could get free space in your system and your system performance will get faster to access.

  • To increase you PC's start up speed you should better to disable start up of unwanted softwares on PC start up.
    For disable these softwares, Type "msconfig" in 'search programs and files' tab in start menu.
    A window will appear on the screen. You just select start up and un-tick all the programs which you won't to open on start up.

  • People already said about defragmenting and uninstalling apps and removing start up programs. If none of them work, just re-install Windows 7, it'll just reset everything and will work like before. Hope this helps you.

  • To modify Start-up speed of your operating system you can use "Soluto". Its having superb features like speedup starting time, apps are crashing or hogging CPU, etc. It shows exactly how much time your windows taking for start up and which applications you can remove to speed up. I am using Soluto from last 2 -3 years and found great performance. I recommend to use Soluto for speed up starting time of your OS.

    with best regards

  • Windows 7 is very good operating system as compared with windows XP. If you are facing slow startup problem, then you need to check the list of startup process that are activated in MSCONFIG utility.

    You can open MSCONFIG utility by typing the command 'msconfig'in Start menu and untick the processes from list of 'Startup' tab that are not required at startup.

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