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  • Is it safe to invest in Crypto currency or like Bitcoin

    Know from our experts about different types of Cryptocurrencies, if you can buy such currencies in India, how much is their cost and it you can buy it for a small amount.

    You may have heard about the various Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin etc. I would like to know more about them. Is it easy to invest a huge amount for buying a few crypto coins? Also, would like to know whether is it safe to invest in Crypto or digital currencies? Is an anonymous function of such currency operation reliable?
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  • Cryptocurrency is a online currency which can be mined using certain mathematical algorithms. Interesting thing is with time it becomes more and more difficult to mine it and possess it through that process so people buy it online in the hope that it's price will increase with time and one will be benefited by that. So some people started investing in that and in the past some people were benefited by it. Unfortunately, there is no Govt control on these transactions and they are based on the assumption that it is a safe and secure currency. Some cases have happened which have created fear in the minds of the people about them and some of these cryptocurrencies have gone down also in their value.

    So the initial euphoria is now not there and people are treading with caution in this territory.

    So today it is a risky proposition and one should invest in it with caution and carefulness.

    Knowledge is power.

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