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    Link Juice from Google Maps geographic places? (not biz listing)

    Know from our experts if Google Maps geographic backlinks can improve your SERPs. Read to know if link juice for Google Maps listing helps you or not.

    Curious if anyone knows about the link juice from Google Maps' geographic places listings? (Not from a business listing).

    Being a travel info site, we have the good fortune of having Google Maps link to some of our pages for some spots along the Oregon coastline. As in the GA listing for Short Beach near Oceanside, Oregon. Since there is no state park website that talks about this spot and we have a page with the most information about it, it links to us and lists us as the website.

    However, it just shows our basic url....not the full URL. But the link goes straight to the page regarding that spot.

    So my question is - Is there link juice from these links? Apparently, there is some from a business listing but not sure whether these geographic listings carry a no follow link or not.... or if it matters much.

    No doubt it's good for us but not sure HOW good. Does anyone have a clue?
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  • Andre,
    Link from any page that is indexable by Google is useful. If you have a business listing linking directly to your website, then it is definitely beneficial for your blog. You can easily figure it out if the link is dofollow or nofollow by checking the source of the web page on Google where your listing is appearing and checking if there is a nofollow attribute there. Most probably, it will be a dofollow link only because it is not a sponsored linking.

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