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  • Which is better, Paytm or Google Pay?

    Which payment app among Google Pay and PayTM? Here are the views from our experts.

    I am thinking to install an online payment app on my mobile. But I ma puzzled by so many options available. Finally, I was able to shortlist to two apps- Paytm and Google Pay (Tez) based on the features like pricing, easy to use or not and reward programs associated with the apps. Which is better, Paytm or Google Pay (Tez)?
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  • Let's compare PayTm and GPay.

    1. UPI: Both the apps have UPI feature including the QR code and UPI address and it works flawlessly in both. So no issues on either side.

    2. Bank account: You can create your own bank account with PayTm, also get a virtual debit card and bank account to transfer money with passbook and cheque book too. You don't get any such feature with the GPay. They only have UPI connection for you. GPay only allows you to attach bank account which is existing from another bank to UPI transactions.

    3. Coupons and Discount: GPay has extremely poor value for money to use their discounts and coupons. Like spend 1000 Rs and get 10 Rs cashback. In comparison, PayTm offers you 50 Rs or 40 Rs on 100 Rs recharge etc. PayTm has a lot of better value. If you want offers and discounts, stick to PayTm.

    4. User Interface: PayTm has easy to remember user interface and you can just learn once and easily adapt to the interface even in sleep you can do the transaction. In the case of GPay, the user interface is pretty much bad and too much flashy stuff hard to find out where to go and what to do in random opening of it.

    5. Security issues and potential frauds: GPay has plenty of fraud issues when people make pay request instead of paying. And people have lost money in that case. Not much such issues have faced with the Paytm.

    6. Acceptance in Stores: More people accept Paytm instead of GPay. And the reason being offers for even shopping locally. So PayTm is definitely much more beneficial for both business and users too.

    So these are some of the benefits of keeping PayTm and GPay. At the end of the day, it's your call. Some people just want to use GPay and some want to get the most out of PayTm while they can with all the offers and discounts.

  • Paytm and Google Pay both are a means of digital payment system but in our country the acceptance of Paytm has reached phenomenal levels and even the small vendors and small shops are accepting it. So this is one point where it has an edge over Google Pay. The aggressive marketing and product demonstration by Paytm has helped them to achieve this. Another thing is that many suppliers and companies have joined hands with Paytm and giving various types of discounts and coupons or even cash backs which are attracting the users to Paytm.

    In this scenario using Paytm will be more convenient and easy mainly due to its wide acceptability in the market place.

    Knowledge is power.

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