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    How to make Android app and add it in Playstore

    Have you developed an Android app and what to publish it on the Google Play Store? Know from our experiences what pre-requisites you need to satisfy and what other steps are required to be able to publish an Android app on Play Store.

    I would like to know some basic steps on how to make an Android app and add it in Google's Playstore for other's download and use it. What are the procedure for it? Do we need to invest on this?

    Any differences on making app between Android OS / Play store vs iOS / Apple store?

    What we have to learn or use the language to build an android app? Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • There are two options for this: either you develop the app on your own or get it developed by an agency or company. If you go for the first option, you will have to first learn the basics of app development and it will consume a lot of time. Thus if you have got some money to invest, it is better to hire a company to develop the app for you. One precaution to take here is that get everything in contract as sometimes some companies also steal the ideas and use it for their own app.

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