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  • How to close Kotak Mahindra Bank salary account?

    Wondering how to close that inactivate Kotak Mahindra salary account? Know the instructions on how you can close your salary account with Kotak Mahindra Bank.

    I have a salary account with Kotak Mahindra Bank. Since I am no longer with the company and not using the same, I would like to close the account. Can someone tell me how to do the same? Is visiting the branch necessary or it can be done online? Please guide.
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  • You can either visit the branch or do the process entirely online. I'd recommend doing the process through branch as it helps with anything like say outstanding handling fees etc. So here are some of the instructions for the Kotak account closure.

    1. Download the account closure form and print it out.
    2. If you have any dues or the outstanding fees then you have to keep that amount ready.
    3. Sign the form.
    4. Visit the branch and ask the account manager or the PR person in the branch.
    5. Get the necessary signature of the person on the form.

    That's it. This should work out in case of if you are visiting the branch. In case of the online process everything works the same. Except the outstanding fees and the dues can be paid online and also you can use the email to close the bank branch.

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