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  • How to upload Word document on Google Docs?

    Facing difficulty in uploading Word document on Google Drive? Know the step by step instructions on how to do it.

    I have a Word document which I would like to upload to Google Docs for editing/sharing. Surprisingly, I couldn't find an option to import Word documents. Can someone tell me how we can do the same? Please give step by step instructions.
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  • Google Docs allows you to upload the Word document through the dashboard. Follow the below instruction to upload the word document. These import instruction should help you with the file editing.

    1. Open Google Drive and click on New.
    2. Select File Upload.
    3. Point your file and upload it to the Google Drive.
    4. The file will be uploaded to Google Drive dashboard which you can now check.

    In order to open this file with Google Docs follow few more instructions.

    1. Select the Word file.
    2. Get the file selected with "Open With".
    3. Select "Google Docs" from the dropdown menu.
    4. It will open the word file into the new tab under Google docs.

    So the file has the converted into Google docs. I hope this helps you edit the word file in the application.

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