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  • How to take screenshots on Vivo smartphones?

    Know from our Android smartphone enthusiasts how to take a screenshot on Vivo smartphones.

    One of my friends has bought a Vivo smartphone recently offline. He is new to Android & smartphones and wants to know How to take screenshots on Vivo smartphones. Can somebody assist me with the same?
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  • There are multiple ways through which you can take the screenshot on Vivo smartphone.

    Android method

    1. You can use three finger and scroll at the same time to take the screenshot.
    2. You can also change these shortkeys to take the screenshot.

    Method 1 specific to Vivo

    1. Use the home button and powder button at the same time to take screenshot.
    2. This method works upto funtouch OS 3.1

    Method 2 specific to Vivo
    1. This method works with funtouch OS 3.2 onwards.
    2. Use the lower volume button and power to take the screenshot.

    Funtouch OS 9 allows you to add the screenshot shortcut in the top slider. So you can use that as well for taking the screenshot.

  • Other than Volume button and Power button pressing together to take 'Screen Recording', you may also find the screen recording (icon) option in short-cut on menu slider.


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