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  • How to find consolidated statement of all mutual fund holdings?

    Know how you can see the consolidated statement of all your Mutual Fund investments at one place. Read about the platforms that offer this service to help simplify managing your MF investments.

    I am investing in a lot of mutual fund schemes from multiple AMC's. I would like to see a consolidated statement of all mutual fund holdings which should include current value, total invested amount and if possible details of transactions. Is it possible? Please give step by step procedure for the same.
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  • You have few options like through financial service tracking companies like CAMSOnline, KARVY. Getting entire data into the dashboard is possible in the NSDL app of Android or say CAMS or KARVY app if the data through your PAN is processed. Depending on with whom you are registered for your fund house KYC.

    You can get the details about the portfolio through such financial services if you are registered with them.

    1. CAMSOnline :
    2. KARVY:

    These two KYC portfolio websites do maintain the data of your investment. And they pass this data through the NSDL.

    If your information with the AMC is registered with Karvy or the CAMS, they usually sign you up with the NSDL Consolidated Account Statement. This statement is released either quarterly or monthly depending on your preference. I usually ask for this statement on a quarterly basis or when the sale or the purchase is triggered. Immediately next month you can get the statement for your stock portfolio, mutual fund, gold, bonds etc.

    You can do the following steps.

    1. Go to the following URL:
    2. Find the "track your CAS" section there.
    3. Here you can set your CAS Consolidated Account Statement preference.
    4. You will get an email when they send the email with the report.
    5. Make sure to keep the email in contacts: , this way it won't go into the spam.

    This report shows the dashboard of all your investment that is tracked by the NSDL. The only issue here is that you can't get this every day or so, it only works when the quarterly report option is triggered or when the purchase or sale is made in your portfolio.

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