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  • Which line in Computer Sciences is more prospective from job point of view - software or hardware?

    Computer Science is supposed to be a good career line and there are good job prospects in this. Many students take up computer science as a part of making their career in this prospective line.

    What is your opinion as to which has more prospects from jobs point of view - the software area or hardware area?

    As I understand more people like to go to the software side. Is it true?
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  • Yes, Software area, from the perspective of jobs. The job openings are better in Software than Hardware. Also, both comes with challenges and updates within the short span of time. It is due to technology innovation and changes often in this field.

    The developers and development has to face all sort of challenges and improvement further that also leads to a different opportunity and trend, later.


  • As a software engineer myself, here are my thoughts. All major mass recruiters in India are IT Outsourcing companies. TCS, Infosys, Mphasis, Accenture, HCL, Capgemini and more are the major recruiters in non premier institutes. Even for IITs, the top recruiters are software giants like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, HPE etc. So yes, there is a huge demand for software engineers.

    Hardware developers or more specifically, Embedded and VLSI engineers have plush jobs but ONLY once they are able to get into the industry which is possible only after a lot of hard work or a degree from a premier institute.

    However, I don't personally like your question. A person should do what they like and excel in that rather than looking at what is more demand in the market and getting into a profession they are not interested in.

  • If you are studying computer science, you are more likely to be working with the product based or the service based outsourced project company. Be it any big brand company, you are more likely to be working on development, testing or the support work.

    In the case of the hardware-based companies, they mostly take the electronics, industrial electronics, ETC graduates for the VLSI and the core electronics work. Here mostly the computer science guys are employed for the integration projects which are not much common.

    As far as the hardware part goes only the networking companies usually take any other engg graduate or the CS and IT or other engg students for the work. As networking is more agnostic on the work they do which is partially software and hardware. So you may notice that the recruiters are ready to take the people who have certification in CISCO, ORACLE and other networking specific domains.

    As explained earlier, avoid demand based work if you want to sustain longer. For example, AI may be the future and current demand but there are hardly any jobs being taken for the data science and AI as of now. Very few colleges and the recruiters even have reported about them.

    So you should be open yourself to opportunities and approach the recruitment with a fresh mind. IT field is more flexible so you can switch from one domain to another, unlike other fields.

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