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    Top water purifier brands in UAE

    Are you looking for the best water purifiers in Dubai, UAE? Check out the tips from some of the experts and choose the best water purifier brand for you.

    I am looking for a water purifier in Dubai, UAE. I am confused on which technology to choose (like UV, RO etc).

    Can somebody help me with the following?

    1. Which are the top water purifier brands in UAE?
    2. Which technology is the best when it comes to water purification?
    3. Which is the best online shop to buy water purifiers in Dubai?

    Thanks in advance.
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  • Aqua filter, Eco Pure, LG Chem, Forbes, Milani and Kent are some of the leading brands operating in UAE for water purifiers.

    There are various types of purifiers using filtering and cleaning techniques. In my opinion, Reverse Osmosis (RO) technique is a good option while selecting a purifier.

    One of the addresses of a brand purifier is -

    #208, Capital Building,
    AL Baraha-Deira, P. O. BOX : 48085, Dubai-UAE
    Help Line: +971 56 5826644
    +971 55 7466277
    Land Line: 042971777

    Knowledge is power.

  • Water purifiers are today an essential part of our kitchenware appliances. It is very important from health perspective as water pollution is a matter of great concern. If you are looking for a kitchen based water purifiers, i.e. the water filters that are used indoors then I must suggest you to try the ones available from Kent. It is a popular brand and sells its products in most countries including Dubai, UAE. For instance, there is one called "KENT GRAND Mineral RO water purifiers" which is available at an online price of 1750 AED. The feature of this Kent water purifier in UAE, Dubai is double purification with the help of UV, RO & UF along with TDS controller.

    So, having answered your first query above let us now head to your second query regarding best technology related to water purifiers. Firstly, try to get the one essentially having RO purification. It is said to use membrane technology that can dissolve impurities from the water along with dissolved salts or germs. One downside about this technology is that it may sometimes remove useful minerals from water and also alter how normal water without RO purification tastes in general.

    Another important technology to look for in water purifiers is UF (Ultrafiltration) that works in removing colloidal particles. However, it does not remove dissolved solids and salts for which RO purification comes to play.

    Third important technology is the UV purification that uses ultra-violet light to get rid of bacteria, microbes etc from the water. This is also one such technology that can remove most germs from the water.

    The combo of the above three technologies can ensure 99.9% purification in most cases depending on the quality offered by the brands. One may also look for TDS controller or TDS modulator in RO purifiers which controls the TDS or Total Dissolved Solids in the water. It ensures that the water still contains a healthy percentage of essential minerals as RO purification tends to remove most of it without a TDS controller.

    Regarding the best online shop to buy water purifiers in Dubai, you can try SOUQ which is a reputed Amazon company in UAE, Dubai. Else, you can also opt for checking out the official online or offline stores of the concerned brands which can offer more feasible services such as installation, technical support etc.

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