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    How to Use PowerMyMac to Clean My Mac?

    Actually, I had something wrong with my Mac and there was a notice for me to clean my Mac. Then I found out a solution that a Mac cleaning tool was in need. I also found quite a few people use the tool FoneDog PowerMyMac to help them clean the Mac devices. How's the performance and the steps to clean?
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  • Over time, with continued use, your Mac like any other Windows PC also gets bogged down with temporary junk files and memory hogging apps. While there are a number of apps available to effectively clean your Mac and save additional disk space, the one you have mentioned above i.e. FoneDog PowerMyMac can also serve the purpose and make your Mac work marginally faster.

    Before going through the steps, kindly note that apart just cleaning the user junk files PowerMyMac also offers some other important features as listed below:-

    1. Cleans System Junk including iPhoto, Email, iTunes etc.

    2. Scans for large & old files and cleans them on user action.

    3. Built-in Duplicate Finder to help locate and trash duplicate files

    4. Toolkit featuring important utilities like Uninstaller, maintenance, privacy, NTFS, File Manager, Hide, Unarchiver, WiFi. (Uninstaller removes applications without leaving behind residual files. Maintenance helps to optimize your system and speed up your Mac. Privacy enhances security to your browser. NTFS helps to read/write to windows formatted HDD, SSD or a flash drive. FileManager provides access to file systems and facilitates to shred files permanently. The Hide feature is an encryption tool that helps encrypt and hide your important files. Unarchiver works as an archiving tool offering file compression. WiFi provides analysis to check speed and related information.)

    Now, with all the features available in a single application the utility of FoneDog PowerMyMac is undoubtedly useful. Moreover, it's Free & has earned a lot of positive reviews from real users that vouch for its performance too. But then, you can easily use it once and verify whether it is worth it or not and choose whether to trash it or keep using.

    Coming back to your query, what are the steps to clean your Mac using FoneDog PowerMyMac?

    It's simple and easy. Just follow the steps below and you will be good enough to have performed a cleanup operation on your valuable Mac.

    1. First, clean your system junk by checking Mac' s Status followed by clicking on the Cleaner button to see System Junk.

    2. Now click on System Junk and start to scan the system cache, application cache and other system junks on your Mac. The status will be shown accordingly on the left circle.

    3. Click on View to check the results. You can then select the desired files to delete and then click on the Clean button below. Please note, you may be asked to enter a password to authenticate your action while cleaning system files.

    That's all. Similarly, you can also use other cleaner options to clean other file types such as iPhoto, iTunes etc. as per your preference and requirement.


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