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    AdSense revenue sharing program

    Interested in earning through AdSense but don't want to run your own blog? Know from our experts which websites offer AdSense revenue sharing and how to sign up for this program.

    What is the AdSense revenue sharing program? Where can I find details about that? Is there any examples of the best AdSense revenue sharing programs?. What are the websites I would take as an example for AdSense revenue sharing program for Indian writers? How and where to start as a
    beginner ?
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    Adsense revenue sharing website work on following way. You sign up to the website that offers such option. You make content for such sites. They show ads on their website and they allow you to use your own adsense ID to show these ads. This view sharing can have some specific percentage shared. And the sites that offer this type of the revenue sharing percentage for views are as follows.

    1. YouTube
    2. Hubpages
    3. Techulator and Indiastudychannel
    4. Shetoldme

    For Indian writers, Hubpages and Indiastudychannel , techulator are good point to start up with. You can read about techulators reward program here.

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