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    How can I access my Yahoo email if I been locked out?

    Locked out of your Yahoo account because you can't verify the SMS and don't remember the security question? Read the steps to get access to your Yahoo account the alternate way.

    I have a long time Yahoo email account that I need to access because I have a bank transaction and the only way to get the email message was to access my Yahoo email. Unfortunately, I can't log in to my email account because it's asking me to verify it using a security question which I can't remember the answer or by sending me a text message on a number to which I don't have any more access to. I need it badly and I do hope you could help me find a way to access my old Yahoo email account.
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  • You need to contact them directly, that the only option now.
    You can fill up the form at this page -

    Enter your email ID and select Contact Specialist, select the appropriate options and give the required details.

  • Yahoo mail service seems to be having the login lockout issues. Also, they seem to be struggling with the signup lockout too. And there seems to be no fix. It seems like non-US countries are facing these issues more. And this is being done to stop the mass sign-ups that are happening on their site.

    There is no fix for this issue. And all you can do in such case is contact the Yahoo customer support and ask them to check out on your blocked login. Check the support options page below.

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