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  • Which company's DSLR Camera is best to buy in India?

    Know about the best DSLR cameras that you should buy for the first time. Which functionalities to look for, which brand to select and more right here from our experts.

    I want to know about DSLR camera which is best one in the current market in India. What are the features that one should consider before buying a DSLR camera in India? Which company's camera is nowadays ruling the Indian market and what are its prices for different models?
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  • As per your query, I have gathered a small list for the best DSLR cameras at present. Here are some best DSLR cameras:

    1. Nikon D5. The Nikon D5 is the best consumer-oriented DSLR of 2016
    2. Canon EOS 1DX II
    3. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
    4. Nikon D810
    5. Nikon D500
    6. Canon EOS 80D
    7. Nikon D7200
    8. Nikon D5500

    As you have seen the list of top DSLR cameras you could find that Nikon stands out at the top of the list. In my personal opinion, Nikon is really very well when it comes in the camera department. The shots are really fine even in low lighting. Now it is on you to decide the budget and the variant in Nikon.


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  • There are mainly the Canon, Sony and Nikon brands in this area.

    Some of the models are -

    1. Nikon 5D.
    2. Canon EOS 1DX II.
    3. Canon EOS 5D.
    4. Nikon D810.
    5. Nikon D500.
    6. Canon EOS 80D.
    7. Nikon D7200.
    8. Nikon D5500.
    9. Sony A68.
    10. Canon EOS 750D.

    There are many models under the above brands which range from Rs 40000 to 4.5 lakhs. The features and performances are also varying.

    As per market survey the Nikon 5D and Canon EOS 1 DX II are the top two DSLR as on today.

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