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  • How to create a hardware profile in Windows 10

    Looking for ways to create a hardware profile in Windows 10? Our technical experts would be happy to help out with their authentic answers.

    I have a software tool that can download drivers for computers by using a Hardware Profile. This is a .ini file that contains information about the hardware, its settings and instructions for Windows which device to start on Windows start. After doing a little bit of research, I found that it was easy to do in Windows XP and Windows 7 by using the System Utility in Control Panel, but the same option is no longer present in Windows 8 or Windows 10.

    Does anybody know how to create a Hardware profile for a computer by using some inbuilt utility or with the help of a free software?
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  • Hardware profile is basically a set of instruction in a .ini file which tells computer to start which device first and things like that.

    I have not done it but was searching for a solution to understand it and got the following procedure.

    You can try it in your version and if successful please give a feedback in this thread itself so that it may be helpful to others also.

    This is given in Mashtips site and goes like -

    Press window key+ pause break --> hardware --> hardware profile --> (select the existing one) --> copy-->ok ( select other option as per need --> ok --> ok

    Knowledge is power.

  • Hi Umesh,
    As I mentioned in the question itself, the method you have mentioned works for Windows XP. This however no longer works in Windows 10. The tool I am talking about is Driver Utility that can be used to create a Hardware profile but is a paid software and hence I was looking for options to create a Hardware profile with some free tool or method.

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