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    How to solve 100% disk usage problem in my Asus X541U laptop?

    Are you facing 100% disk usage problem in my Asus X541U laptop? Our technical experts are here to resolve your issue.

    I have purchased Asus X541U laptop with 1 TB, 4 GB RAM and i3 Processor with genuine Windows OS four months back. I am constantly observing that the processing speed of my laptop has become much slower and it is showing 100 % disk usage when I look at the Task Manager. I want to get rid of this problem and do not know how to do it. Can you help me increase my new laptop speed ? What are the ways to increase laptop speed?
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  • It is very difficult to help you without actually looking at the computer. A new laptop with the configurations you have mentioned should not work slowly and it should definitely not show 100% disk usage.

    Let's first see who is doing so much I/O on your computer. To do so, launch the Task Manager, click on "More Details" where you have seen the 100% Disk usage. Go to the Performance tab where you will an option "Open Resource Monitor". Here, you open the Disk tab and find out which process is doing the heavy I/O.
    Resource Monitor
    If the I/O is being done by a system process like the "System" or "servicehost.exe" then we will deal with it separately in steps I have mentioned below, but if you see a specific application name there which is doing the I/O then you might have to get rid of the software and replace it or at least kill it till the time you need it.

    Run a DiskCheck
    Click the Windows key and type "Command Prompt". Right click on the Command Prompt entry in the results and run it as an Administrator.
    Type the command and enter "Y" for Yes.
    chkdsk.exe /f /r

    When you restart your computer, a disk check will run which will check the disk health of your computer and will take remedial actions if any sector is damaged.
    Check if this solves your 100% disk utilization problem.

    Update your drivers
    A buggy driver might be causing the 100% disk utilization problem. It is a good idea to update your Windows 10 drivers either by using a software or better, do it yourself by referring the Microsoft manual -

    Disable SuperFetch
    SuperFetch is a feature in Windows 8 and above which improves boot time by efficiently loading must-load programs on start-up. However, this has been identified as a problem causing 100% disk usage.

    To do this, open the Command prompt as explained before and run this command
    net.exe stop superfetch

    Check if this solves the 100% disk usage problem, if not, make sure to revert the change by running
    net.exe start superfetch

    Fix StorAHCI.sys driver
    If your computer's Advanced Host Controller Interface PCI-Express (AHCI PCIe) model is running the StorAHCI.sys driver, then that might be the root cause of this issue.
    Let's first see if your computer has this driver:
    • Press combination of Windows key and "x". Select "Device Manager" from the list.
    • Expand the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers category and double click on AHCI controller.
    • Go to Drivers tab, click on Driver Details button. If you can see storahci.sys stored in systems32/DRIVERS path, it means you have this driver running.
    You need to follow some steps to fix it which are described here -

    Let me know if any of these solves your 100% disk utilization problem.

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