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  • How to get duplicate Fixed Deposit certificate?

    Lost your Fixed Deposit certificate? Our technical experts can help you find ways to resolve the issue.

    I had made a fixed deposit with State Bank of India. Unfortunately, while shifting of my house, I misplaced the fixed deposit certificate and unable to find the same now.

    Can someone please guide me on how to get a duplicate Fixed Deposit certificate from the State Bank of India? Can the same be done online via Net Banking?

    Please share the details.
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  • These days there is an entry in the passbook when we are issued any FD from the bank. In case of Banks like Kotak, ICICI and AXIS, all of them have such entry in the passbook. This you can access 18 months from the issuance and get it recorded as well. What you can do is get your passbook if it has such entry you can get it printed and tell the bank about the issuance of the FD.

    You may also have to visit the bank branch or your home branch where the first account was issued. There they can point you for the record of the FD issued. Usually, banks have their internal records set, which they can point you to. So even if there is no certificate, at the time of the maturity, they will surely have it appended if you have made such instructions.

  • Now a days most of the banks have dispensed with issuing of deposit receipt and instead are issuing deposit advice.

    Deposit advice is only an information paper and is not as important as the deposit receipt was used to be.

    So in all probability you might have misplaced the advice only. Please check it and you can get a copy of same from the bank. If you have online banking you can simply download it from there and print it either in home or outside.

    I am regularly doing this for my FDs whenever I want the advice.

    So it is not serious at all.

    Knowledge is power.

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