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    Yu Yureka plus not working after reboot

    Is your Yu Yureka plus smartphone not working after you've rebooted the system? Our technical experts might have the answer for this.

    My Yu Yureka plus is not working. At first I flashed a recovery image in my phone when it asked me to reboot my phone. As I clicked on the reboot button the phone turned off and then started with the Yu logo appearing on screen, but after that it is not working. Please help me in solving this problem.
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  • Yu Yureka seems to have some of the reboot issues across its devices due to soft brick bugs that are due to custom ROM. Here are some of the ways you can attempt to recover the device.

    Do note that there is no one fix that can solve this issue, depending on the device and the problem issue may vary.

    1. Soft brick loop recovery : If the device is not starting or if it reboots and stays in that loop then it's soft bricked which can be solved by taking this to the manufacturer service centre. And in some cases, you can also use the flash recovery to see if that works.

    2. Boot hang recovery If the device hangs after the Yu Yureka logo. In such case, you can also check out if it's battery leak issue. And in such case often service centre technicians replace the battery. And it works out. So you just have to diagnose that issue with a replacement battery and see if that works. Alternatively, the boot hang can be recovered by flashing your ROM with recovery ROM.

    3. Update Block recovery If the device hangs after the update. In such a case, the update seems to be buggy. So in such case, you have to flash the update again with different ROM such as Mokee ROM or say the Lineage OS mod. This way the block can be easily recovered and you get to boot to new custom ROM which pretty much solves the issue.

    Do note that you have to take backup on the SD card. And if that's not possible in some way then you can go ahead and wipe out the device cache and the data because it's lost either way. Hope one of the solutions from the above-mentioned option helps you out.

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