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    How do you use XML Sitemaps for your blogs ?

    How to use XML Sitemaps for your blogs? Our technical experts are here to guide you through.

    XML Sitemaps are the by default standard that is used by all the major search engines today. There are a number of plugins and other external services which would help you in generating the sitemaps easily. When you generate a Sitemap, don't forget to ping Google, Yahoo and other search engines. How do you use XML Sitemaps for your blogs ?
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  • XML sitemaps are like registry for a website. Regardless of the type of the website dynamic or static, such pages help understand the website structure. Every website should have the XML sitemap so as to help search engine crawl the content. You can make use of the existing plugins or the manual XML sitemap creation tools. This way you can keep the crawlers updated on your website performance.

    XML sitemaps are useful for you to in following conditions.

    1. This page should list all of the important pages of your website.
    2. This XML file should list all the pages with priority for crawling.
    3. It should pass the crawling and change of content frequency.

    You can use Yoast XML sitemap plugin if you are using the WordPress plugin. You can also use the static XML sitemap generators online if you have a static website. Some CMS automatically generate sitemap.xml so that can be used too.

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