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  • How to make best possible use of meta tags ?

    Want to know more about meta tags? Our team of technical experts will share the most authentic information with you.

    The Meta Tags are another description that is used by a number of search engines these days. The website owner puts the important information about the website such as Keywords, Information, title and much more in the Meta tags so that the search engines can have some idea about the website before even indexing it. How to make best possible use of meta tags ?
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  • Meta tags are snippets that tells the search engine more about your page relevance. And it tells you what the page is about, or even what the site is all about. Basically when the bot crawls the page, it looks for the meta tags for the data. Meta tag that shows the description of the page with keywords specific to shop, usage etc. It tells the bot about the page and where to categorize the page when the search or the keyword appears in search.

    Here are few meta attributes in the tag.

    1. Keyword
    2. Title (title tag)
    3. Description (description and keywords in it for the page)
    4. Robot (follow and nofollow attribute)

    What is the use of the meta tags?

    In past the meta tags used to be important but now a days apart from title and description, there is not much weight for the same. Instead the weight is shifted towards the schema. Schema tells more about the page like working hours, address, contact numbers etc. That explains the web pages more. So expect less preference given to the meta tags in near future.

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