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  • What are the benefits of 301 redirect ?

    Do you use the 301 redirect? Are you aware of all the benefits of it? If not, our technical experts can show you the way.

    The 301 Redirect is used to redirect any query "" to "". Most of SEO plugins and CMS have this redirect by default but this is one of the factors that you might consider. This redirect can provide both kind of access to your website which is better than having only either of them. What are some other benefits of 301 redirect ?
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  • 301 redirect is a permanent redirect which is required if the search engine wants to know if that page does not exist anymore and wants to update the indexed value for the same. Having 301 redirects for affiliate links, expired landing pages and other similar pages helps with keeping the bot updated on the page changes.

    If you have SSL certificate on your domain. Then it's beneficial for you to use "*" wildcard on the domain for all subdomains with and without www in the domain. So in such case 301 redirects through CMS like say WordPress should be encouraged.

    Benefits for having 301 is -

    1. To reassociate the URL with a new page as opposed to the expired URL.
    2. To avoid loss of traffic for the pages which are no longer serving for the expected keyword from the searches.
    3. Setting up perma-redirects before properly moving the content that serves search relevance on the page, helps maximize the authority.

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