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  • How to earn from your YouTube channel?

    Want to earn from your YouTube channel? Our technical experts will show you the right way.

    I have my YouTube channel named as SciShow with Lifehacks which has around 50 subscribers. As a 14 Year boy, I'm unable to get AdSense for my YouTube channel. Is there any other way to earn from it?
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  • AdSense is the best and only one option (except very few third party) for YouTuber to earn out of it. The more the views your channel gets, more are the chances of approval and the amount revenue you can earn from it. You have to promote the YouTube video in an organic way to increase the viewers.

    The best content will get the best result and one more tips is, a small giveaway to audience. It helps a lot to increase the traffic as well.


  • There are multiple ways to earn money from your YouTube channel. And some of the ways require you to have more subscribers for your channel. And based on that you get to scale up the channel revenue. So here are some options for you.

    1. Adsense : This is the default mode to earn from the adsense. Here you get paid based on the CPV cost on the video. Longer videos and the original content based on the categories allowed, you get to earn some good money. This is usually higher revenue option for some channels.

    2. Sponsorship: This is second most important model on YouTube. Here the earning can surpass the channel earning from adsense. So depending on who is sponsoring you the video in the case, you get to ask more for the price if you have lot of reach for videos and also the subscribers.

    3. Merchandise: This model is recently came out and people seem to be selling hoodies, caps, t shirt on the channel. And it can earn some good money. Though it may not be a good job replacing income.

    4. Patreon: This model is also in trend these days people seem to be donating some monthly amount to the users for regularly creating the videos. This can be a good option for those who have VLogs, Howto videos and want to support their work.

    5. Live streaming donations: This model seems to be working for only top channel creators. They regularly play online games and also giving people some really good amount in the donation while they are streaming the content. So depending on your subscribers type they can keep you funded for going live showing content.

    These are some of the ways you can earn from YouTube. And make sure you have original content. Avoid copying others work because that would get your adsense closed and YouTube channel closed. So make sure to be original in content and focus on your own growth so that your channel keeps running.

  • Following are some ways to earn from your YouTube Channel:

    1) Adsense

    The easiest option is to make money with Adsense where you get based on clicks you get on the ads showing on the video. This is elated to views or popularity your video gets.

    2) Affiliate marketing

    Another way to make money with YouTube is through affiliate marketing. In simple words, you add links to related products in video description and when people buy that product through your link, you get some commission.

    Krishna Verma

  • Thanks for your suggestions but as I said above I'm a 14 year boy and unable to get Adsense and can't afford selling merchandise online.
    Is there any other way to earn from it?


  • 1. As your age is less than 18, you can choose affiliate marketing (chose Amazon). For that you will need a PAN card, a Bank account and a website (giving a reasonably good performance or traffic).
    2. Create a YouTube channel, post good videos and get more subscribers to it and then use affiliate links of products with corresponding videos.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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