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    How to enable camera2api without root in Xiaomi smartphones

    Do you want to learn how to enable camera2api without root in Xiaomi smartphones? Our technical experts are here to guide you through.

    I was amazed by the latest feature introduced by Google in pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL for taking low light photos by using artificial intelligence with the name Night sight. With a bit of researching I found that many phones can use this technology as it is a software improvement, and enabling camera2api is needed for installing the Google camera app. So it would be great if some one can teach me how to enable camera2api in my xiaomi smartphone without rooting the device.
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    1. PC with adb
    2. Unlocked Bootloader
    3. TWRP
    4. MIUI 9 [Might work with other ROMs, not tested]
    5. Lazyflasher zip


    1. If you are on a custom ROM, chances are that camera2 api is already enabled. Use Manual Camera Compatibility to verify.(From Play store)
    2. If you are on MIUI, updating using ota might reset build.prop file. This might help, not tested. Update: I successfully updated to MIUI 9 Global 7.10.19 | Beta, see below for steps,
    3. I am using Google Camera v4.4.020.163412804 on MIUI 9 Global 7.9.7 | Beta, and it is a HUGE improvement over the stock camera.


    1. Boot into TWRP. (Guide if you don't have TWRP :
    2. Mount System.
    3. Take NANDroid backup. (Optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
    4. Connect to PC and execute the following command in terminal:

    adb pull /system/build.prop

    5. This copies build.prop to the current directory. (C:\Users\[USERNAME] by default on windows)
    6. Copy it to another directory for backup.
    7. Open in editor and add the following line at end:

    8. Save and exit.
    9. Execute following commands:

    adb push build.prop /system/
    adb shell
    cd system
    chmod 644 build.prop

    10. Copy lazyflasher to internal storage.
    11. Flash using TWRP.
    12. Reboot to system.
    13. Use Manual Camera Compatibility Checker to verify.
    14. PROFIT!
    15. Install the latest Google Camera HDR+ Port.

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