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  • How to optimize ads in Adsense for more income ?

    Want to optimize the ads in AdSense for better income? Our technical experts can guide you with their most authentic replies.

    Adsense is one of the most commonly used platforms used by thousands of bloggers word wide. This platform is based on PPC model and thus you get paid whenever a visitor clicks the ads present on your website. I want to know about how to optimize ads in Adsense for more income ?
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  • In general, you can place four or five AdSense ads ( three ads by default and one or two by placing ads code) on each page to optimize it. However, it won't give enough income until and unless the website or each webpage have regular and huge organic traffic and there are some good amount of clicks coming directly from search engine visitors.

    RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) also applies on natural traffic only.


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