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  • How to make money online with content writing ?

    Do you have a flair for writing? Do you want to make decent money through writing content? Let our experts show you the best ways.

    The most basic method to make money online is by writing articles for other websites. There is a lot of opportunity in this field and if you can write well, a lot of money can be made online. I want to know how can one increase his skills and earn in this particular field.
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  • Start with writing articles in different niche then publish them in a suitable websites or blogs. You can show those works to the people who are looking for content writers online. If accepted then negotiate with them accordingly. Different content writers charge different amounts. It is all based on the types and quality of contents.

    The job is not about just writing few hundred to thousand words with a few para, proper grammar supported with photos or videos. Content writing as a profession is much beyond that and those who go higher the ladder become professional writers who charge according to their level of writing.

    Some writers may charge around INR 300 to 1000 for around 500-1000 words with simple content, while others might charge around INR 10,000 to 1 lakh and above per post. It is all based on the quality of the content that a writer can deliver.


  • If you have a sound knowledge of the latest technological innovations and is passionate about the tech world and love to write articles, then I would prefer you to write for Techulator. I will tell you my story as an example:

    I own a blog and I have posted about 50 articles over the span of 2 years in my website and the revenue I was getting was really low, then i came to know about Techulator. Their revenue sharing program really interested me and I gave it a shot. And to say the truth I was surprised with the money I was making by writing for Techulator. Now I write only about 1-2 articles per Month, and I get more than Rs 500 from Techulator each month. So if you want to make some money by writing content, then I would always prefer you to write for techulator.

    Deepak Mathews Koshy

  • If you have a good Vocabulary or have a good knowledge of tech, you can be a content Writer. There are some simple steps you may start with:-

    Step 1 = Try to write for sites such as Techulator and IndiaStudyChannel

    Step 2 = Approach people on Facebook. After you become perfect on those sites, try to approach some people on Facebook. there are some groups on FB which you can join to approach people.

    Step 3 = Fix your rates. Before you approach people, fix your cost for particular word counts such as 300 rs for 1000 words etc. Your rates should meet with the budget of writers. You may even Negotiate if they ask you.

    Step 4 = Start writing for other topics other than tech. This will help you in writing articles on other topics if your client gives you.

    You may raise the rates slowly after you have gained some experience. And thus you may start your career in content writing.

  • To write better, you need to think better and need to understand the psychology of the people who will read your article and how they will react to it. You can improve your writing by practice, practice, and practice. Before writing think the overall writing content and write systematically. I would recommend to enroll course on writing at Udemy like online course website. They will charge about Rs. 700 to 1000 depending on the author and the level of the content they provide. To know better in short time, spend some money by enrolling in such courses.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • Making money will come second to start with content writing first you have to find the topic which you are interested and confident to write about it with good amount of information, in your own style, and timely update your blog to attract people to read your contents regularly. If you have good knowledge about various fields you can write about all these and attract people with different choices and increase your number of readers. You can do a continuous search for new information and new topics and update your contents also with the relevant information.

    Once you are confident with your contents you can think about making money through many sites which are looking for good content writers and they will pay for you according to the quality of your content. You can make updates and get more followers on social media by posting valuable content and thereafter more people will recommend your content and in turn this will help you to find more opportunities to earn by writing content.

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