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    What are some practical methods to make money online for beginners .

    Tired of exploring fake online money making advertisements? Our technical experts can show you the right ways.

    It is quite hard for beginners to find a genuine online earning opportunity. This is because most of the online courses are simply hypes and are launched to fool the buyers. One should realize that shortcuts do not work for earning money online. What are some practical methods to make money online for beginners?
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  • If you are a Techie then use this website to write some articles based on your technical knowledge and you will earn from this site itself.

    If you are interested in education or general niche then Techulator has a sister/mother site called www, where you can visit, sign (if not done), learn and publish article and start earning.


  • There are different methods where any person can genuinely make money online, either part-time or full-time. However, as rightly said by you, there are a lot of scams as well.

    I am listing down 10 different methods of legitimately earning money online.

    1. Revenue Sharing sites
    There are many revenue sharing sites such as the Techulator itself and other sister sites like India Study Channel etc. where you can earn money as cash credit from your contribution on different sections, the Adsense revenue share of 90%, awards from contests etc. Interestingly, you might have noticed that you already earned Rs.2/- on simply asking your query. Great, isn't it?

    2. Blogging / Vlogging
    You can create your own blog on any CMS such as Blogger, Wordpress etc. and put some quality content to earn money by monetizing using Adsense, Infolinks etc. This is not as easy as writing on the Techulator and its sister sites as on your blog you have to drive a lot of traffic on your own while sites like Techulator with a large user base get traffic quickly with the concerted efforts of all its users.

    You can also create your youtube channel if you are interested in making videos and earn through monetization using Adsense, sponsorship etc.

    3. Freelancing
    You can use popular freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr etc. wherein you can take up projects or assignments and get paid directly by the contractor on successful completion of the work.

    4. Transcript
    This is a highly paid online job compared to writing articles but requires some good command over English. You will be given an audio clip and will be required to transcript it into words. Reliable sites like GoTranscript etc. are quite popular. However, to get a membership one generally needs to go through a couple of tests. Normally, they pay as much as 2USD for an audio clip of a few seconds on most occasions.

    5. Website Theme Designer / Coding / Logo / Audio developer
    If you have good skills in designing or developing items on any of the categories as listed above, you can push your creative project in popular marketplaces such as Envato, Creative Market etc. Most of your items, if approved, will definitely get sold out easily as is evident from the present listing on these marketplaces.

    6. Android App development
    If you are an app developer, there is hardly any limit on how much you can earn genuinely from it. A google search on the same can get you the much-required details if you are interested in it.

    7. Creating an e-Commerce store
    With the tools presently available on the web, you can easily create an online e-Store or kickstart your own dropshipping business where you don't actually host your items but get it delivered from other sources directly to the buyer. It has recently become a lot popular and Shopify stores have seen much success in India lately.

    8. Domain or Hosting Reseller
    You can easily become a reseller for a domain or web hosting and earn good money doing practically nothing but configuring prices and offers. Popular resellers like ResellerClub, Godaddy etc. are very popular in this category.

    9. Affiliate Marketing
    You can earn handsome money using affiliate marketing of popular brands. In fact, it yields high revenue if done correctly. You just need to register with the affiliate programs of any popular brand like Flipkart, Amazon, GearBest,, Hostgator etc. and promote your affiliate links. On successful conversion, you will get commissions at prescribed rates of the brand that you will be promoting.

    10. Writing eBooks
    Writing eBooks is another great way to earn money. Just write good quality books in PDF format and put it on sale on Amazon, Flipkart or your own blog or store. You can easily use a payment gateway cum digital file hosting solution like Instamojo to deliver the files to the buyers and collect payments.

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