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    Durable and cheap recommendation for Laptop?

    Hunting for a durable and affordable Laptop? Our technical experts have the right recommendation for you.

    So I'm hunting for a new laptop, I know my specs decently, but money is tight (college kid) and I don't want to make a mistake.

    Anyways, my current laptop is breaking because it wasn't very sturdy, the paneling started to chip and now the entire thing is falling apart (wear and tear from just carrying it around on my back constantly. I'm looking for some combination of this

    -Some light gaming abilities. I'm not looking for much, but just to run some really easy games when I can (things like Panzer Corp or FTL) the regular Integrated Graphics card is fine. Not the biggest priority, but would like something I can do on the bus etc.

    -Durable, like I said, my current one is breaking apart at the seems and I haven't done too much to it (not to say I couldn't have treated it more gently, but I haven't dropped it or anything)

    -Price range. I don't have a concrete one, but cheaper the better. Like I said, college kid who makes a little above minimum wage.

    -decent battery and not being huge would be a plus. But isn't critical.

    I know these are all the big points that get repeated. So in short I'm looking for a good utilitarian laptop that runs all the generic college applications. Thanks!
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