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  • When 5G connectivity will arrive in India

    Waiting for the 5G connectivity to get launched in India. Our technical experts will share with you the latest news updates on the same.

    Few countries already in progress of 5G connectivity after 4G success. I hope the same here but seeing the phase here, it seems like it may take quite a long time for it and there is no confirmed news about the upcoming 5G connectivity in our country. On the other side 4G is still facing issues in some remote locations.

    I would like to know any update on 5G connectivity here, any time soon?
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  • 5G connectivity in India is not likely to be introduced any time before 2022. The reason behind this is that as per Govt. authority, the development of 5G services in the country is not dependent on its supply but is rather more relevant to its demand which will help promote early development of the same.

    However, we may see some players of the telecom industry to test the 5G connectivity by 2020 and build their infrastructure by analyzing various aspects relevant to this demographic region.

    As you have rightly said, 4G services are not perfectly implemented in India as yet and most of the major service providers are still struggling to offer reliable and consistent connectivity in all parts of the country.

    As such, it is not expected that 5G services will be rolled out on a large scale in India anytime before 2022. Let us hope that we get a good 4G network as of now and all the future technologies involving IoT that depend on 5G to some extent and faster connectivity is rolled out only when it is ready and not just introduced for namesake purpose at an early date.

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