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  • How to add the video slides on a WordPress blog

    Want to learn how to add video slides on a WordPress blog? Our technical experts will guide you through.

    There are few templates in WordPress by default that have video options. If there is no such option in the template while using a non-video template in WP, how to add the video slides in WordPress blog? Also, let me know how to do the same in Blogspot as well.

    Any simple steps or code to learn and proceed?
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  • There are some slide platforms like slidedeck and docstock that allows you to enter the HTML in iframe, which can be used in any WordPress page or the post.

    Apart from that option you can check out some of the plugins.

    1. Meta Slider This one is simple slider plugin. Just add your slides and then use the shortcode to display the slides on specific page or post.

    2. Easing Slider This plugin is more suitable for front page slider or even for the in page or post sliders. It's simple and easy to use. It has both free and paid plans for the sliders advanced features.

    3. Slidedeck I recommend this plugin for both free and paid features. Reason being it's very easy and also have the online support apart from the WordPress. You can also get lots of small features like easing and keyboard shortcuts etc for support.

    These are some of the plugins I'd recommend to get the video slides to work on WordPress post and pages.

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