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  • Suggestion on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

    Are you an Apple smartphone lover? Would you like to invest in their latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max smartphones? Let us know your opinion on this.

    Apple has launched iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max smartphones recently. The brand has also announced that one more smartphone will be released and it will be iPhone XR.

    I would like to know whether is it worth to invest around one lac Indian rupees for iPhone XS phone alone? Can we get the other best one for less than that price.

    What is your feedback on iPhone XS smartphone?
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  • Well, investing such huge amount of money on a phone is not at all worth no matter which phone it is.
    Basic things we do on phone is Using Camera , Listening to Music , Basic Games , Use some Apps.
    These are the things we can do from a 5000 range mobile to 1 lakh mobile which is an iPhone.
    The major difference between cheap and costly phones are not much , if you look at Youtube videos speed test and other test then you can see difference is minor considering the price of the phone.
    For better idea look into Poco f1 vs Iphone XS XR , Samsung note 8 ,9 etc
    Agree there are some minor extra features on the costly phones but think about it features which are not going to use regularly or even if you are going to use it regularly you can compromise on few things considering the pricing.
    Poco f1 cost 22000 and iPhone cost 1 lakh

    Difference you will find among these phones are :
    1. Camera quality : Well Poco f1 gives you amazing results but iPhone has an edge over it.
    2.Performance : Both have same performance. You can look into the results of speed tests done on poco f1 vs samsung note 8 , iphone xr etc.
    3.Build quality : both the phones have good build quality and in case if you drop the phone and display breaks, repairing an iPhone will cost you huge amount of money , it will cost you money through which you can buy decent phone in Android.
    For iPhone 6s display cost was 22-24k ( own experience ).
    4. Battery Life : Well here Poco f1 or any other android phone will win against iPhone no matter android phone is budget phone or high end phone in this case trust me ;)
    5.Brand : In this term Apple wins by margin , but just for showing off you will spend 80 k extra ? Showing off is that worth ?

    One more thing people around you ( your friends and all) will look at it for 2-3 days and after they will look it as a normal phone only so showing off is not worth.

    This is not only specific device comparison , you can compare the above given points in each and every phone.
    Its not like only Poco f1 is the alternative to iPhone or any other phone.
    Each price segments has good number of options available.
    And the best money for value segment is right now a budget segment which ranges from 8k-20k. It has good quality phones including good camera and battery life.
    So just think about it. Pen down your own day to day usage of phone and research on the web, which budget phone will fulfill your day to day needs.
    Trust me, there are plenty of options available according to your need.

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