A perfect monitor for programming under 20,000Rs

Want the best monitor for programming under Rs. 20000? Our experts will guide you to the best options.

I'm planning to buy a monitor at this upcoming Diwali festival and my budget is 20,000Rs to 25,000Rs(Max). I am just guessing if there will be reduced prices during Diwali sale.

My requirements
1. FreeSync or Gsync enabled
2. 1ms Response
3. 144Hz refresh rate over hdmi
4. Dual HDMI
5. Great than 1080pm Resolution.
6. Greater than 21inch screen size.
7. High pixel per inch.

Rotating body or adjustable body.
Thin bezels with slim and sexy look.
Wall mounting.
The Brand.

How I'm going to use this monitor
1. Mostly for programming(Android studio, VS studio, Netbeans )
2. Heavy Multitasking during programming (VMware, IDEs)
3. Movie watching.
4. 60FPS 4k YouTube video watching.
5. I spend 6 hours a day on monitor just for programming.
6. I will use it for 4 years.

Suggest me better monitors.