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  • Focus Keywords is not showing before 2 weeks.

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    I am getting the biggest issue for the last 2 weeks. My site page keywords "ISO Certification", and "ISO CERTIFICATE" were coming on the 1st page, but last 2 weeks it's not showing any rank. Kindly suggest me why this happens and how to solve it.

    Our site Page-
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  • The answer is given in this thread. Ref:


  • I am guessing google algorithm has managed to pull up better content over your listing in the search. This happens when there are manual reviews that happen to the website. And then some specific competitive keywords tend to go low for some sites with thin content.

    Few things to check out.

    1. If your website qualifies for thin content?
    2. If your website has the GDPR and cookie policy for the website?
    3. Your website has the about, contact and sitemap pages?
    4. Your website has pages that contains the content of min 1000 words for the ranking articles?

    Questionnaires like these will help you get more idea on how the keywords can rank your website and what else need to be done for the ranking.

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