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  • Need info regarding applying for Australian Visa from India

    applying for Australian Visa from India? Avail the best possible guidance from our technical experts.

    I am from Hyderabad. I am planning to visit Australia with parents at this November end. Is it advisable to apply for Australian tourist Visa through an agent or should we do it of our own the ImmiAccount website to increase the chance of visa getting approved? How much more does it cost if I decide to apply through an agent?

    Finally, Please suggest good agents for Australian tourist visa from Hyderabad? I see a lot of unregistered agents charging Rs.9900 ( Approx : 188AUD) per person for visa fee plus some extra bucks for medical purpose in case of senior citizens. Please advise.
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  • It is better to apply via online. In general, applicable fee is there for every country's Visa and it is non-refundable as well whether one get the Visa or rejected it.

    The Agent will obviously take an extra amount in addition to applicable Visa fee. They have some internal influence but it is not really going to help you to get a Visa. However, they do guide you nicely about the process.

    You have to keep ready all the credentials which the Embassy asks from the Visa processing guideline and answer them as per their query to proceed further.

    Kansas Overseas
    Akkam Overseas
    VFS Global etc.


  • If you want to go to Australia on a tourist Visa then you have to prepare your documents like date of birth, educational qualification, address proof, personal identity proof like Aadhar card etc.

    Another important thing is your bank account and statement which shows the source of funds for your and your family members to and fro ticket and boarding lodging charges you pay in Australia. You can show some bank FDs / IT returns etc to prove that you are financially sound and are not going there to search a job.

    Once your papers are in place then you can apply online too and get an appointment for the Visa interview.

    If you are not feeling comfortable to do these jobs yourself then you can take help of an agent who will guide you in the matter. Anyway, for Visa interview you and your family members will have to go for the interview without the agent, so it is better to check and see all your documents beforehand.

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