I am confused VU 55uh7545 or VU 55su134

Confused with the choice between VU 55uh7545 or VU 55su134? Our Technical experts are here to help you choose the best.

I am confused if it is VU 55uh7545 or VU 55su134? The UH7545 is semi android but has hdr 10 and no bluetooth support with the price 42k. On the other side SU 134 is google certified with the price 52k.
Should I go with the uh7545 with andriod tv box or with 55su134?
My priority is picture quality with upscale features for SD channels.
If you have any other alternative please suggest that too. vultdn55xt780xwau3d and VU55su134v1 is discontinued and also is not available at my pin code.

Kindly suggest according to the point of affordability.