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  • What is oleophobic coating on the screen of a smartphone?

    Heard about oleo-phobic coating on the screen of a smartphone? Want to know more? Our technical experts would be happy to discuss it out.

    Now a days high end smartphones are coming with variety of features. As many companies are in the fray, everyone is trying to bundle as much features and facilities as possible.

    One of such facilities is the scratch resistant glass with the oleo-phobic coating that minimize the fingerprint smudges.

    I am curious to know what is this oleo-phobic coating and how does it help in minimizing the fingerprint smudges?
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  • The word "oleophobic" refers to a material that is repellent to oils, This is why smartphone screens are treated with this material to keep away the fingerprint spots from the glass panel.

    A coating of Oleophobic material will provide the smartphone screens with a certain level of resistance against finger smudge without making it fingerprint proof, at the same time it will keep the display away from dirt and grease not allowing them to stick to the glass. This is why when we simply wipe our smartphone screen with a soft cloth it will instantly make it look like brand new, even if we don't use any cleaning solutions.

    The oleophobic coating also makes the surface of the smartphones slightly slippery to make it more scratch resistant by reducing the friction that will slide off the harmful materials from damaging the surface,

    But unfortunately, this oleophobic layer has the tendency to wear off quickly, though the lifespan of this material depends completely on the usage pattern of the individuals.

    Till now reports say that oleophobic coats should last at least for 2-years. But overuse, misuse, low maintenance and cleaning can wear it out even within months.

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